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About Church Buildings Consultancy

Milton Keynes Christian Centre's Church Buildings Consultancy aims to provide assistance to church bodies as they consider options with regards to:
Moving to new (to the church) premises. This may include complete new build, renovation of old premises, conversion of suitable buildings, utilisation of leased buildings.

Renovation, extension or alteration of existing premises.

Development of premises for use other than 'normal' church use.

Situations where building projects have encountered problems with obtaining membership buy in, planning issues, construction disputes, building defects and the like.

Manner Of Assistance

Meeting based approach This could be enhanced by attendance at MKCC where a guided tour of our premises may help to enlighten people as to the challenges and possibilities.

Conducting the assistance at the church requiring help can also be considered although charges for travel and accommodation (if required) would be applicable.

Ongoing Assistance

It could be that arrangements can be agreed whereby ongoing support throughout the building project can be provided.

This could be tailored to the specific needs. This may be subject to cost but will be considered on a case by case basis.

Nature Of Assistance

Obviously this would vary dependent upon individual requirements. However, assistance could take the form of:
Initial meeting with 'decision makers' to discuss aspirations and explain the options available and possible ways forward.

Facilitate working groups from the church to discuss possibilities associated with a perceived requirement for building related works.

Conduct a review and 'sense check' on plans/proposals already in play within the church organisation.

Assist in explaining to church 'lay body' the implications of building projects.


Assuming that the meeting is held at MKCC and is for a period of half a day, there will be no charge for the first meeting. Subsequent meetings will be considered on a case by case basis.

If attendance for the first meeting is required at the church in question then travel expenses will be charged at cost (for rail or air) or on a mileage basis at 50p per mile. If distance and timing require an overnight stay then hotel accommodation will be chargeable at cost plus a fee of £150.00.

Steve Adkins

Steve has been involved in church leadership for over 30 years as a youth pastor, senior pastor and for the past 10 years has served as part of the church leadership team at MKCC.
In parallel with his commitment to church leadership Steve has pursued a career in the construction industry and for the past 15 years has been a director of his own specialist construction consultancy. He had during that time taken a leading role in the construction of such iconic buildings as the Wales Millennium Centre in Cardiff and the Sage Music Centre in Gateshead. During the past 30 years Steve has been involved in a number of church 'new build' and renovation projects including our own church complex in Milton Keynes.

About Milton Keynes Christian Centre

Development of buildings that serve the vision of Milton Keynes Christian Centre has been very much part of the fabric of our story.

Most recently we completed a £2.6 million development which refurbished and extended our day nursery and added a new 500 seat auditorium and foyer/atrium. The Day Nursery project was completed through self build and the auditorium was completed through design and build with a contractor. Each project was completed on time and on budget.

Church Buildings Consultancy

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