Breakouts and Workshops

Building into the heart of the house – Lisa Ruth

It’s important to remember that children’s ministry is one pivotal part of your church body but it’s not the only part.

In this session, we will discuss with ministry leaders how we can build a children’s ministry successfully in line with the heart of your church.

The building blocks of prayer – Lisa Ruth

Prayer is foundational in our relationship with Jesus and growing our faith.

In this session we will discuss creative ways you can engage children in prayer.

Building different levels of relationships in your community – Lisa Ruth

In our children’s ministry we engage children every week, but we also engage the family.

Come and hear in this session how you can develop and build relationships with your parents that can make a difference and impact in your community.

The importance of building discipleship into your children’s ministry – Bev Verity

Raising a generation with a stronger faith, an authentic faith takes time.

Come and hear in this session the importance of discipleship and how to engage volunteers to make a difference in the spiritual formation of a child.

How to build an engaging pre-school ministry - Bev Verity

Can little people learn? Of course they can!

Come and learn in this session how you can create an exciting, fun, experience for our youngest church-goers, enabling them to learn about Jesus at their level.

How to build your Kids Ministry when you feel like you have nothing in your hands - Bev Verity

Do you feel as though you are limited by the resources you have?

In this session you will be inspired to use what you have to create a Sunday/Mid-week Kids experience that is fun and engaging. This session will help you think out of the box.

Story Telling –The building blocks of great communication – Laura Conway

Once upon a time...these are words that kids love to hear

Stories capture their attention and heart. This session will look at the main principles behind telling a great story and how to use stories to communicate a powerful message.

Building a Special Needs Ministry - Laura Conway

How do I go about setting up a Special Needs Ministry in your church? What do I need to know? Do I need expertise?

In this session we will help you think out of the box and enable you see how you could implement small changes that would include all children in your ministry regardless of need.

Building up and into Volunteers

Do you have enough volunteers? The answer will more than likely be no… There’s always room for more.

In children’s ministry the more children you have, the more help is required. In this session, we’ll look at the practical ways to recruit, train and retain your volunteers - how to get people involved, and how to keep them serving for the long haul.

Experience Discovery Kids Live – Josh Verity

Do you need some new ideas and inspiration for your kid’s ministry? Then this session is for you.

In this unique experience you will see first-hand a full service that Discovery Kids experience week in and out. This session will be 1 hour long so you’ll be able to experience and ask questions.

Engaging kids in worship – Hannah Johnson

Music is a powerful tool that enables kids to engage with the Word of God in ways that stick with them the rest of their lives.

In this interactive session come and learn new songs/actions that you can take away and share with your team.

"Help, I’m a young person" – How to build into the life of a child - Josh Verity

If you are a young person serving in Kids ministry come and find out how you can make a difference in the life of a child.

It’s a known fact that children look up to those who are a little older than them. So how can you use your influence to be a great example and point them to Jesus!

Building significant relationships – Laura Conway

Kids spell trust T-I-M-E  - If you want to make a difference in the lives of a few that you wish you could do for many then come and look at our 5 build blocks for creating significant, impacting relationships with the children we serve.

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