Help Centre

General Questions

1What is Equip?
Equip is a place where churches and ministries can download videos, sermons, graphics, and support files from the entire library of MKCC creative content...for free.
2How much do resources cost
Absolutely nothing. Here at MKCC, we're passionate about equipping the Church with high quality resources, so we want to you to take anything you'd like and use it as much as you want. You don't even have to give us credit. All we ask is that you agree to our terms of service and use resources in a non-commercial manner in an effort to lead people to become fully devoted followers of Christ.
3How do I use video teaching resources?
View the entire message. Before you show a teaching video in your church, watch it all the way through to help ensure the file downloaded completely and to familiarise yourself with any cultural references or context you made need to explain.
4Can I edit the video teaching messages?
No, the video teaching downloads cannot be edited and must be used in their entirety. You can modify the videos to playback on different formats, but you cannot otherwise edit the teaching videos. This restriction helps us ensure that parts of the message are not taken out of their original context or intent.
5When do I gain access to resources once I’ve processed my Queue?
Almost immediately. During the checkout process, you will be able to process your Queue, and immediate access is granted to resources after your Queue has been processed.
6What if I find a mistake in the text?
We always aim to provide resources with a standard of excellence. All our resources go through an editing process, however if you find a mistake in the text we appreciate emails notifying us of this.

Kids, Youth & Life Groups

1What resources are available for Life Groups
At MKCC we believe the lifeblood of the church is small groups. Within these small groups, true discipleship occurs as people strive to grow spiritually and relationally by gathering together on a regular basis in homes, coffee shops, businesses, and online. While the church grows larger, we believe it must also grow smaller through groups, which is why we place a heavy emphasis on creating resources that foster an atmosphere of discipleship and spiritual growth. MKCC creates a one-page study guide for every sermon called Talk It Over. This guide contains seven to nine questions related to the message, scripture references to read with the group, next step ideas, and daily Scripture reading. For those sermon series done prior to the creation of Talk It Over, there is a one- to two-page small group study guide. Find Talk It Over guides within each message series.
2Additional Small Group studies
MKCC also creates additional curriculum for use in small groups that are not related to message series. Many of these studies are designed to help groups dig deeper into books or topics like family, finances, and leadership development. Find additional small groups resources here.

Technical Support

1Why are some letters missing when I print a PDF?
It’s probably our fault! OR You could try this: when using Adobe Reader and printing grayscale, please be sure to set the Advanced Option for "Set Font and Reserve Policy" to "Send At Start."
2When I print resources, it prints black boxes.
When printing, be sure to open the PDF documents with Adobe Acrobat Reader, and then proceed to print. Printing the PDFs from the preview pane and not Adobe Acrobat Reader will sometimes create black boxes on the printed page.
3Why do PDF's not view or print correctly?
If you are experiencing problems with your PDFs displaying only a white page, or you are receiving an error that the viewer cannot decrypt the document, please update your Adobe Reader to the latest version. You will find the most recent installers at
4What software do I need to print PDF resources?
If you would like to print a copy of your PDF download please take note of the following... In order to view PDF documents, Adobe Reader must be installed. If you need to install Adobe Reader, you can do so for free from the Adobe Website.
5What if I can't find the file I need?
If you are having problems locating a file, please contact our technical support team at and we'll be able to assist you.