Planning For Christmas

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August 28, 2017
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October 4, 2017
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Planning For Christmas

Is it too late to start Christmas planning? Wondering if it’s best to just give up now and make a start on Easter?

Well, it’s not too late… although starting on Easter would be good idea! Having said that, I would point out, that with each passing week, what can be done in the time remaining will be affected.

So, for example don’t plan something that should take three months, and squeeze it into three weeks — that’s not fair on you, other staff or the church. Steven Furtick says, “Think inside your box.” Your box gets smaller each week, so just do the best with what’s left.

Your church Christmas ideas need to be planned in advance and promoted properly. Don’t just wing it or think that “just because it’s Christmas” people will just turn up. Remember, plan ahead… compile a calendar of events so you are on top of all the festive services and activities and can plan for them in advance.

Need some help? Not sure where to make a start on all this Christmas planning? How about a FREE, pre-planned marketing calendar to help? It’s a great way to kickstart the planning process, generate ideas, and establish a communications blueprint. Feel free to use it and adjust it to your needs.

Download Here: Christmas Marketing Plan

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