The Power of A Campaign to Help Connect Your Congregation

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October 3, 2017
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The Power of A Campaign to Help Connect Your Congregation

A conversation with Amy Fokkens…


Amy has been attending MKCC for 9 years now, and is on staff and works as our Pastoral Administrator. During her time at MKCC Amy has been involved in Life Groups as well as various other ministries. And it’s been 4 years since Amy and her husband James took on the leadership of our Groups ministry. Here’s what Amy had to say about the power of a campaign that helped connect the congregation at Milton Keynes Christian Centre:


Why did MKCC take part in a Church-wide Campaign?

“We took part in our first Spiritual Campaign a couple of years ago and we’ve seen a huge impact. Not only in terms of numerical growth of our congregation and small groups but also in their ability to bring the entire church together with one common focus of growing in spiritual maturity.”

Since then we’ve continued to do yearly campaigns and they have involved encouraging the whole church to attend services every Sunday, meet in weekly small groups to watch a bible study series and commit to reading a daily devotional for an intensive period of 6 weeks.


Wow so you asked the whole church to connect to a small group?

“Yes, I know you may think that asking the entire church to meet together in small group’s sounds like a difficult task, let alone every week for 6 weeks! But in our experience as more people started to come together the atmosphere began to change and more and more people wanted to be involved. When the entire church is taking part in something a ‘buzz’ begins to form and it can build momentum resulting in big change.”


What sort of ‘big change’ are you taking about?

“The power behind these campaigns is definitely seen in small groups, as everyone is growing individually by reading devotionals and coming together on Sundays. The opportunity to discuss their thoughts and what God is doing in their lives with others falls in to place quite naturally. As the group members are seeing each other frequently relationships develop fast and connections form much quicker than they would within a typical fortnightly life group. Everyone is in the same experience together and it helps to encourage a bond between group members.”


How did you get people to join small groups?

“Making the process of joining a small group as easy as possible is a big key to seeing as many members of the church get involved. We had a designated Connection Hub, whereby we sold the devotional book and had sign-up sheets for all the small groups running throughout the campaign. You would just fill in your details and find a group which suited you, whether it was by location, day, time or type of group. We would then make the connection happen during the week. But we found that most of the work was in getting everything ready in the lead up to the campaign rather than actually during it!”


How long before the campaign did you start to organise small groups?

“Around 6 weeks before the launch we would begin to ask the church to consider Hosting a group.”


What does Hosting a group require?

“Hosting is a very different role to leading a group. It involves the simple task of opening your home, popping a DVD on and going through the group study guide provided. There is very minimal effort required in terms of forward planning or responsibility which in turn made it a bit more of an attractive role than leading a group long term. However our experience showed us that as people stepped into this role they began to realise that leading a small group of people wasn’t quite as scary as they thought! Also many of the small groups that met during the 6 week period then went on to continue as permanent life groups as everyone bonded together and they didn’t want it to end.”


That’s a great result! Do you have any final comments?

Although the campaign runs for a short period of 6 weeks the impact that it can have on your congregation goes way beyond that as people grow in spiritual maturity, create new friendships and feel more connected into the life of the church. A yearly campaign has become an integral part of our church calendar and has become invaluable.


What is your experience of Church-wide Campaigns?! 

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