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At Milton Keynes Christian Centre, we have recently introduced a new stage layout. We asked the Production Team if they would mind sharing some insights on their setup and shed some light on how they make it happen. Here’s what was shared…

Some months we came to the conclusion that our old projection setup could do with an update. It suited our needs in the past, but we knew we could upgrade to something more modern as we were beginning to increase the level of video production.

After much thought, we decided to go ahead and upgrade to a ‘Triple Screen’ setup to refresh the stage and enhance our weekend services and engagement.

Our new projection setup consists of 3 individual screens, each one measuring 2.5m in 16:9 format. We debated the idea of having one, single triple-wide screen using edge blending, but decided that because our building is a multi-purpose venue, used for various conferences throughout the week, a separate screen setup would give us flexibility with projection in weekend services and across all other needs throughout the week.

Our screens are controlled via a Kramer 8×8 Matrix Switcher, although we have experienced some hitches on the screen when switching. We have also utilised the multiscreen settings within ProPresenter to allocate the outputs to the different screens as required for different slides, videos and backgrounds.

Song lyrics and videos on the screens are all run from a 23” iMac running ProPresenter 5 with the multi-screen module. We use the TripleHead2Go DP Edition and currently use VGA outputs which reduce the resolution. Max Res: 4080×768 – (3x1360x768) – we use 3072×768 (3x1024x768).

To check that your system is capable of handling the setup, visit:

The final output to the screens from the iMac is 3840×720. Typically, we display video content (presenters, titles, graphics) on the center screen, and lyrics/additional visuals on the outer screens.

This page explains the connections required to achieve HD on the screen –

You can view or download any of our Triple Screen templates here…

The video feed (used only during the sermon and stage announcements) for center screen is run through a BlackMagic ATEM Production Studio 4K with separate iMac running the control software (although you could run it on almost anything).This allows us to switch the screen source between the feed from ProPresenter, or from any one of our HD cameras.

Our lighting system is run by a Titan One DMX USB Dongle with output of DMX and full functionality of Avolites Titan Software. We have 4 moving lights, 4 ShowTec Sunstrips (Active MKII), 4 Chauvet Q-Wash 560Z, 3 eLumen8 8 Tri 4 Pixel Battens, 6 Ledj Omni Tri-9, 20 Ledj Omni WA-36 and an Antari F-3 Hazer

Check out the videos below for a look at some of our videos designed for triple screen setup…

Church News

Pre-service Countdown

Do you run triple screen projection? We’d love to hear about the setup you’re working with. Post in the comments below.

If you are looking for more inspiration, make sure you check these fantastic resources…

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