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Fuse takes place each Friday evening at Milton Keynes Christian Centre. Fuse is designed specifically for young people from school year 7 – 13. Each weeks is packed with opportunity to build relationship, have fun, worship Jesus and learn through inspiring teaching.

However once a month we host: Tribal Wars.  It is a night packed with high energy games and loads of laughs.

Here is how our Youth Pastor, Dale Adkins, describes it:

“We spilt our youth group into tribes of 10 people with each tribe allocated a small group leader. The tribes complete a series of games and points are awarded for winning each challenge. The tribe with the most points at the end of the night win the prize. Be warned though any teams misbehaving will be marched to the stage and will receive a cream pie to the face!”

Every one has a huge amount of fun, but it also creates space for our young people to build relationships with one another and their small group leader.

You can download the Tribal Wars graphic here.

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